RV Tips: 6 RV Accessories You Need

Traveling with an RV is an experience you won’t regret, but preparing for a trip can be difficult. Knowing what accessories you should equip your RV with can be tricky. There are so many things you could bring with you to make your next outdoor adventure memorable. Check out these 6 RV accessories you should consider getting before your next vacation.

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Bike Rack

If you enjoy riding bikes, you should plan to bring them with you on your next camping trip. Get a bike rack for your RV so you can easily travel with your bicycles. You’ll be able to go on bike rides along some of the beautiful trails near your campground if you make sure you have a bike rack for your RV camper.

Folding Chairs

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Folding chairs are a must-have for any camping trip. Bring folding chairs with you so that you can spend some time relaxing outdoors. You can place them around the campfire for smores, sip on some hot coffee while you watch the sunrise, or sit outside to soak in the sun.

RV Rugs

An RV rug is a camping essential. These durable outdoor rugs are designed to help keep the dirt out of your RV. With so many dusty shoes tracking dirt in and out of your camper, you’ll want to make sure you have an RV rug to help maintain the mess.

Awning Screen/Tie Downs

Having an awning can be a great way to keep the sun off your shoulders when you want to sit and enjoy being outside. Having an awning and tie downs to secure it will prove to be a great way to enjoy the outdoors on your next vacation. Make sure you get an awning and tie-downs before you take your next camping trip.

Screen Room

A screen room will allow you to enjoy being outside while keeping pesky bugs like mosquitoes out of your hair. A screen room attaches to your RV and closes you in from all sides, creating a kind of outdoor patio space for you to relax. Having a screen room with you will help to make your outdoor vacation as comfortable as possible.


You will not want to travel without some kind of grill to cook on. There is nothing quite like a burger and hot dogs on a grill when camping. Make sure you bring the right kind of grill for your outdoor cooking needs.
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