RV Tips: 4 Ways to Make Your RV More Spacious

No matter what type of RV you have, ensuring you have plenty of space for your family and guests is easier when you know how to organize your space to make it feel less cluttered. These RV tips from a full-time RVer will help you to stay organized and give you the maximum space for your family’s things.

Command Hooks

One of the best ways to give yourself additional space, especially for essentials like coats, hats, and more is by setting up command hooks near the door. We have a coat closet in our RV, but we added more hooks by getting some command hooks and adding them along the interior wall. These have also been a lifesaver in our bathroom where we’ve hung additional towel hooks to keep our towels organized and in easy reach.

Assign Places for Everything

One of the best ways to stay organized throughout your RV is for everything to have a place of its own. You can get a labeler to mark off places for remotes, cups, plates, bowls, and more to help your whole crew stay organized at the campground.

Add Baskets

Another great way to keep your clothing organized is with baskets. We use baskets more than boxes or other types of storage solutions because they are lightweight and easy to fit into various spaces. We use these in our bedroom, our son’s play area, and in most of our cabinets to help arrange our pantry items and more. These also make a fantastic solution for shoes by the door.

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