RV Tips: 4 Tips for Roof Care

Keeping your RV’s roof in great shape is vital to avoid lasting damage. These easy RV tips will help you to maintain your RV’s roof so that you can get years out of your new CrossRoads Zinger Lite ZR18RB travel trailer from Suncamper Liquidators

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Keep the Roof Clean

The first step in keeping your RV’s roof in good condition is keeping it clear of debris. Try not to park beneath trees, especially in the fall or spring when leaves are likely to fall, or pollen may coat your roof. Additionally, getting on your roof and cleaning away the debris is relatively easy; you just have to get up on the roof with a broom and sweet away the clutter.


Wash Gently

If your RV roof needs a good wash, you will need to be very gentle cleaning it to avoid damaging the sealant. We recommend using only water to clean the roof and avoiding all petroleum solvents or any harsh chemicals. Even citrus ingredients can damage the rubber and vinyl parts of your RV’s roof.


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Use Covers

Protect your RV when it’s not in use by getting roof and vent covers for additional protection. You can find AC covers, as well, to help keep your RV’s roof looking great. The covers are easy to install and remove so that you can install them quickly.

Reseal the Seams

Inspecting your roof often is a key to keeping it in excellent condition. If you notice any trouble areas along the seams or around the ACs when looking over your roof, it’s probably time to reseal the seams. You can do this yourself or schedule an RV service appointment at Suncamper Liquidators.


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