RV Tips: 4 Boondocking Tips for Beginners

Traveling across the country looking for incredible camping opportunities for your family probably means you’ll need to do a fair amount of boondocking to save money. Below, we’ll show you these RV tips for how boondocking can be easy and fun. These are great ways to get the most out of your time while boondocking.

Boondocking RVs

Insulate Your RV

A great way to conserve energy and make it possible to stay longer when you’re boondocking or save energy at the campground is improving insulation. RVs are notoriously pretty light on insulation, which means you’ll constantly be running a heater or air conditioner to keep comfortable. Fix some problem spots in your RV and add insulation to lower the energy lost.

Ways to Improve Insulation:

  • Reseal window and door caulking
  • Repair cracks in seals
  • Upgrade to insulated window blinds
  • Hang blankets or towels over the windows
  • Cut foil bubble insulation to fit windows and doors
  • Use your awning
resealing windows

Turn Off Unused Power Saps Overnight

Things like your water heater, pump, and other appliances will drain your battery over time. Save your RV’s battery or solar power supply by turning these things off when they’re not in use.

Propane Lanterns and Stoves Converse Power

Today, most RVs offer LED lighting, which takes very little power and is perfect for boondocking. However, you can save even more energy by using propane lanterns and stoves to light your way and cook dinners for your family.

Don’t Leave Appliances Plugged in

Lastly, be sure to unplug anything that is not in use. Appliances and chargers continue to sap power when they are not in use, so unplugging your things when you’re done using them will help to preserve the energy in your battery.

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