Best RV Resorts In Florida: River Ranch RV Resort

The History of River Ranch

Believe it or not, Florida is actually the birthplace of the American cowboy.

Long before cowboys became the symbol of the American West in the late 19th century Seminole Indians, Spanish colonists, and American settlers whoherded cattle in Florida. River Ranch is located on some of the same land that those first cowboys roamed years ago. 

Many years ago the original River Ranch property and thousands of surrounding acres were inhabited by the Seminole and Brahman Indians. Brahman Island in Lake Kissimmee is named after the Indian tribe that used to hunt and fish on this land.

One of the original uses of the ranch was a staging place for the herds of cattle from Sarasota and Melbourne that were exported to Cuba. The trail that was used by the cowboys to move cattle was known as the Florida Trail, which still exists and can be found off the main boulevard entrance of River Ranch.

​Kicco was the original town which developed into River Ranch, consisting of small cabins and a schoolhouse. The mail was delivered by steamships to a hook system that was connected to the shore of the river. Food and other essentials were also delivered by boat.

​We’ve come a long way from those days, but we still appreciate and enjoy the natural beauty and close community of the River Ranch RV Resort.

The Resort is land scaped to to the nines with the best of everything. If you are looking for a camp ground that makes you feel like you are actually camping amongst the live oaks this is the place for you!

Park includes:

2 heated pools

2 spas

tennis court

basketball courts

access to Kissimmee River

Rodeo every Saturday

movie hall, bingo hall, pool tables

small city including:

coffee shops, general store, escape room, walking trails

buggy rides,

2 resturants

and much more, it is truly a must visit resort. You can rent a spot directly from us at or at

Stay tuned to the next addition of Florida’s Best RV Resorts

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